Adopt, Don't Shop!

Need a new member of the family? Adopt a dog! It is my belief that every family or couple isn’t complete until they have a furry friend running around the house. Or maybe you’re living alone, a dog can bring so much joy into your life if you let it! Not a dog person? Adopt a cat! Just like there are many homes in need of a dog or a cat, there are many dogs and cats in need of a home. I am a strong advocate for adopting and not shopping. It is so important for people to know the importance of adopting from shelters when looking to get a pet. The main and most important reason behind the “adopt, don’t shop” campaigns, is to save lifes. Shelters across the nation are constantly being overcrowded with animals. It is sad to say, but because of this problem dogs and cats are being euthanized daily across the nation. It is estimated by ASPCA that the average number of euthanized pets due to overcrowded shelters are approximately 1.5 million each year. That is 4,110 pets per day. This number is quite astonishing to think about. Too many individuals and families first look to breeders for new and purebred puppies and don’t consider adopting, or the life they could save by adopting. When one adopts, they not only help that one animal, but they are also giving other animals an opportunity to be adopted. When taking one home, there is now room for another animal to take its place and hopefully be adopted. But maybe you’re not in the market for a pet right now. Know you can still help! Help spread the word to those you know who are looking for a pet and encourage them to look into adopting. The more people aware of the importance of adopting from shelters, the more precious lives will be saved. So spread the word and help save the life of a sweet furbaby.These precious souls are waiting for someone to walk in and take them home, so go see them! Visit a shelter, meet them, and you just might fall in love!

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