The Devastating Dallas Tornadoes

I’m sure you have heard about the recent tornadoes occurring in Dallas, Texas last week. Maybe you are aware, but some are unaware of the massive extent of damage the tornadoes really had on the area. If you don’t have any associations with the area or maybe have not looked into the news headlines regarding the tornadoes, here is a summarized recap of the stoms and the resulted damage. The tornadoes were damaging to many people’s homes, schools, workplaces, and churches. This storm has taken a heart wrenching toll on many in the area, as well as those living out of the area. Whether you currently reside in Dallas or the surrounding cities, or have loved ones living in the area, please know you are prayed for and in the thoughts of many. To give you an idea of how dirastic the winds were, the strongest tornado during this windstorm maximized to a speed of 140 mph and cut through 16 miles of the DFW metroplex, according to Some homes are not only damaged but completely demolished by the winds. While looking at the photos and watching the news, your heart can’t help but break for the people there and what they’ve lost. Thankfully, it is a miracle that as of today there are no reported casualties in Dallas as a result of the storm. But the storms did not only hit in Dallas. During this whirlwind, there were several other tornadoes that had dropped in the surrounding cities. Neighboring states also had reported these windstorms hitting their cities. There are reported 4 casualties in the states of Arkansas and Oklahoma as a result of the destructive tornadoes. Please keep the families and friends of those lost in your thoughts and prayers.

It is times like these where we see the communities’ love for one another. Individuals and organizations are joining together to help rebuild and revive the city one day at a time. Although the extent of the damages is detrimental across the DFW metroplex and the neighboring states, it is the community that is bringing the city back to life.  

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