The Importance of National Bullying Prevention Month

Most people might identify October with Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Halloween is such an exciting time among family and friends and should be celebrated as so. Breast Cancer Awareness is a fantastic movement that stands for a great cause and helps women around the world currently fighting breast cancer. October is also a designated month for another cause. Along with Breast Cancer Awareness, October is also National Bullying Prevention Month.

National Bullying Prevention Month is a national campaign that unifies communities and schools across the nation with a focused mission: to stop bullying. Bullying is a major problem is schools today. It seems like kids are getting more and more mean to each other as the years progress. And it is sad to say, but the effects bullying can have on a child or teen can be permanently damaging to the person, if not life threatening. Bullying can be identified in several different ways. These ways include physically, mentally, emotionally, and through cyber bullying. It is said that cyberbullying is becoming a more common way of bullying as technology and social media advances. Most parents or guardians don’t monitor their child’s social media, so they are unaware of what is being said through the phone and the affect it is having on the child. Bullying Prevention Month is to get this problem out in the open in order to help those struggling, and to help put an end to bullying. This is a great campaign and the more participating the better! has listed tasks each week of October for children and teens to participate to help put an end to bullying. Listed are the weekly anti-bullying activities:

October 7th-11th : Make a new friend at school

October 14th-18th : Stand up for others week

October 21st-25th : Week of Inclusion

October 28th- 31st : Hold anti-bullying conversations amongst your peers

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