The Rise of Coffee Addicts in America

I’m sure we all have that one person that comes to mind when we hear the term “coffee addict”. Whether they admit it or not, it is a real thing and they just might be one of the many American’s dependent on the caffeine kick coffee gives. Whether you’re drinking it pure and black, or loaded with sugars and creams, American’s rely on coffee to wake them up in the mornings and to get them through the day. It is even said that American’s are consuming more coffee now than ever before. Without it, some feel drained, unmotivated, and even cranky. It is crazy to think that a liquid can be the deciding factor on whether one has a good day or a bad one. Little local coffee shops around town and popular franchises like Starbucks are constantly extending their menus to accommodate every coffee lover’s taste buds and caffeine needs. According to the National Coffee Association, 63% of American adults drink coffee daily. That is more than half of the nation’s adults having at least one cup of coffee a day. Some even have multiple cups, which would account for the noncoffee drinkers. Drinking coffee is even seen as a social thing. Friends and family catch up over a cup of coffee, coworkers meet and discuss business transactions over a cup of coffee, and two strangers meet for a date over a cup of coffee.

Whether you have one, two, or three cups of joe a day, bottom line is coffee reliance is on the rise for Americans….so know you’re not alone!!

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